| March 20, 2018


Funeral Services

We do not purchase coffin box for our dead. A coffin from the funeral home is used temporarily to transport the shrouded body to the masjid and cemetery. The body is placed on its side in the grave, which here in Central Ohio is covered by a vault before it is covered with dirt.

The following two Islamic Cemeteries are available in the area:

1. The Islamic Cemetery of Columbus : 3880 Sunbury Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43219 (south of Easton Mall). Established by the Islamic Society of Central Ohio, a nonprofit tax exempt religious organization.
To arrange for the burial here, please contact Br.Derar Musa: (Cell) 614-843-8693, (Home) 614-846-3118.

2. Fairview Memorial Park : Route 23 about 7 miles north of I-270 on the east side of the highway.
To arrange for the burial at Fairview Memorial Park call 800-521-2881

Burial spaces have been reserved for Muslims with a provision to expand in future. The Muslim area is in a separate section (north side of cemetery), bounded by a hedge along the perimeter with a central passage. The Muslim area is maintained by Fairview, and all burial vaults and/or markers to be installed shall be purchased directly from Fairview Memorial Park.

Please Contact: Masjid Administration for arrangements

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2nd Khutbah 1:30 pm

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